Office Interior Design Dubai

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At RTS Interior, our team of professional interior designers and architects brings a wealth of experience with some of the most amazing, award-winning commercial projects in the belt.

Our exclusive office interior design services cover everything from fit-out and refurbishment to office relocation and building it from ground-up.

We have our services tailored to your unique needs that best suits your corporate culture and keeps up the optimism & motivation.

Our office interior design services are economical with every project we execute and are an epitome of highest quality material and skilled craftsmanship.

With everything we do and every interior design project we take, value always sits at the heart. Our team understands the problems with poor space in offices which can also cost you valuable employees. Our office interior services can transform yours into a super creative yet corporate fit design for an overall inspiring, inviting and innovating environment.


Commercial Large to Small Office Interior Design Services

Our RTS Interior design team works in close collaboration with you to get the initial brief, brainstorm amazing ideas, offer creative solutions to all the problems that may come in between the process. Because we spend more than half of our waking hours in the office, it’s important to have it designed with the most intricate of details and carefulness.

We bring our design expertise to have your large or small office transformed into a fully functional, futuristic and delightful interior. Our designs cover office space plans, meeting rooms, recreational and breakout areas, storage rooms, lunch areas and so much more. Our team also creates tailored interior designs for office lighting, power, workstations and air-conditioning.

On-boarding us as your office interior design specialists, we will have the initial designs approved via mock-up and blueprints to communicate the idea about the final space and overall output. Each of the layout drawings is accompanied by a mood/design board that includes materials and fixtures, colours, finishes and paints, furniture and so much more.


Corporate Office Interior Design – Project Management

Our interior design approach is driven by your unique requisites with each project carefully and closely managed by a dedicated manager, offering you seamlessly amazing solutions to even the most complex challenges. From concept to design execution and delivery, we work in collaboration to ensure perfection.

Other than just design, we strictly adhere to the safety and health policies with CMD documentation and building control approvals to deliver highest quality projects.

Our team of professional interior designers work mutually in coordination with the clients, project and contract managers to agree on the timings, frequency of site visits and evaluation, plus other contract essentials to ensure your project remains flawless from the start till finish.



Modern Office Interior Design – Compliance Management & Requirement

At RTS Interior, our team understands all the legal complexities and requirements to ensure each of our large or small office interior design projects is executed in a safe and legal manner. We strictly comply with all the health, fire safety and welfare regulations to ensure a super successful project.



Glossy Panels & Displays

From purely functional to more aesthetically appealing, we have our interior design projects executed with the latest technology to offer each business a unique interior. We come forward with a scalable project proposal that fully meets all your design requirements. Here’s what you’ll get as part of the service:



Small Office Interior Design – Floor Covering & Space Planning

Floor finish is a crucial part of interior design and being perfect at it would give you a super successful project. We will make sure that all floor finishing materials and relevant products we offer are of highest-quality and serve its purpose particularly.

We then provide sample boards to communicate the actual look and feel of the project as we use space and materials efficiently for an overall optimistic impact and to ensure that professionalism is communicated clearly via design.

Flexibility is at the heart of every office interior design project we undertake for future upgrades and keep the infrastructure cost at bare minimum. Our professional interior designers can maximise office space at its best and turn it into a creative hub.

Looking to hire professional designers for your commercial office interior makeover? We have just the right skills and equipment to deliver a super awesome project!